• The Light Project

    The Light Project

    Updated brand for 2016. The Light Project are very much about revealing Jesus through what they do. […]

  • Widnes Sports Ministry – OneTwo, for Scripture Union

    Widnes Sports Ministry – OneTwo, for Scripture Union

    Deliverables: Naming of project, Logo, T-shirt and literature ideas. Widnes sports ministry: Working with local kids/youth at a grass roots […]

  • SODA


    Schools out Dads About! SODA needed a logo that reflected the interactions of dads and their […]

  • Bindworx


    Deliverables: Logo, Identity style sheet, high res graphic files, fonts, Bindworx Services brochure. (Bindworx Services is […]

  • Eden Interactive

    Eden Interactive

    Deliverables: Logo and Style sheet (corporate colour palette, font, graphics, phrases, tone of voice suggestions). This […]

  • Silmetric


    Deliverables: Logo, Identity style sheet, Business stationery, Website, Power point slides. Silmetric are functional safety advisors. […]

  • Trinity Churches

    Trinity Churches

    Deliverables: Logo, identity stylesheet, signage, promotional literature. marketing materials. Trinity churches approached me with the need […]

  • Carey Adams Strategies

    Carey Adams Strategies

    Deliverables: Logo, identity ideas, business stationery, signage. Through our discussions we established Carey Adams Strategies have […]

  • Ram Golf

    Ram Golf

    Ram Golf needed an update to their identity to keep them recognisable and competitive in the […]

  • Stuburt Shoes

    Stuburt Shoes

    Stuburt required an update to their identity by refreshing the look of their packaging and developing […]

  • Brightstar


    The Brightstar Collective needed a logo and identity style sheet to launch their services. Deliverables: Logo, […]

  • Spin the Orange

    Spin the Orange

    Spin the Orange were looking for a fun, inspiring, identity that also included helping them name […]

  • Deo Gratias Choir

    Deo Gratias Choir

    Chester Deo Gratias Choir needed an identity to reflect something of their Christian heritage. The ichthus […]

  • Tool’n’fix


    Tool’n’fix, supplier of machinery and supplies for the building trade. Includes the strapline ‘making it easy’. […]

  • Loggettes


    Ffynnon fuels needed an identity for both themselves and their first product ‘Logettes’, a small wood […]